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WTF Japan?!

...weird japanese people & things!

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This community was designed specificaly for when you see things that make you say "What the fuck is wrong with Japan?". If you have a crazy video, article, image, story, personal experience, etc., that is related to Japan then you should post it!
1 // Please be respectful. Yes, this community is designed to poke fun at Japan, however we won't approve of anything overtly racist.

2 // Make sure to warn users of the content of a link, video, or picture. You can do this by adding the tag "NSFW" (for those that don't know, nsfw is an acronym for not safe for work.

3 // Promote the community if you have the time. :)

We currently do not have any affiliates, but we are looking! If you are the moderator of a related community (Japan, crazy videos, wtf moments, etc.) then feel free to leave a comment!