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This was here a year or two back, but I don't remember if I posted the translation.

Here's a sneak peak at what I'm talking about.

It was found by city_of_dis and lovingly translated by Katsushi Shimakage.

Each large numeral has a footnote below the image.

Special thanks to Marc Anthony Macon for finding this and Shimakage Katsushi for translating it. (CLICK ON ALL SIZES: ORIGINAL to view it in all its glory):



I finally finished the translation of the weird picture of the Web site that you introduced to me.

I attached a bmp. file and you will find the translation.  In some part, because of the lack of the space for the translation, I numbered on the bmp.file.  Please refer to the same number  below to read the translation.
[1] The head moves back and forth, right and left: Not only the head moves B, F, R, L, but also the teeth are artificial and removable.  Good to practice caring.

[2] The movement of the joint is lifelike:
The bone structure is included, and the movement of the joint of its shoulder, elbows, hands, neck, lower back, crotch, knees and ankles are a bit stiff, which makes the doll lifelike.  Because of that, the practice of clothes changing, bed making, bathing and cleaning is lifelike, too.

[3] The countenance of the doll makes you think as if it is alive.
You can learn how to care on a wheelchair because the joints of hip, knees, ankles bend.

[4] Natural pose and movement makes the practice real.
The new function of its joints makes it real to practice the change of its bodily position and prevention of its pressure sore.

[5] You can learn a real and appropriate caring.
The legs open enough and the limbs move round and B&F.  Not only you can learn how to let it excrete using toilet bowl, but also how to let it excrete.

[6] Its lifelike skin engenders a sense of caring.
Silicon-made, seamless, water-proof make it possible to let it bathe.
Further, you can use detergent and a sponge.

I hope this will be of help to you.  Enjoy!

Oh, I love my friends...

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